These are available to anyone — anywhere in the world where connection is possible — and can be tailored to individuals’ requirements, as well as schedule and finances. Tutorials can be booked ‘as and when’, or purchased in blocks of six for a discounted rate.

Because Footnotes VMT is very flexible and tailored to suit each need, tutorials can give beneficial input into both individual and group situations. No previous experience or preparation is required, although you are very welcome to bring any prepared questions and topics you may have into a Footnotes session. Individuals often benefit from sharing an area of interest or a challenge that they are wanting to face, working with a Footnotes practitioner who can suggest how visual multilayered thinking might address that situation or challenge.

The choice of direction is yours when it comes to tutorials; they can be informed by your own very specific questions, or you may prefer to simply experience what Footnotes VMT can do for you as you are guided through a module with a trained Footnotes Facilitator. With this format, you can arrive at a tutorial with much knowledge, or no knowledge at all; Footnotes and VMT can shed light on each and every opportunity.


Online tutorials can be timezone specific to suit the recipient. Some individuals might need a number of tutorials in quick succession, others may only need to book one half hour tutorial periodically. Again, the options are yours as to how much you book in advance, and how many you book. We offer a number of online video-based platforms for meeting, and have the option of screen sharing tutorials.  If individuals are uncomfortable or unable to use video, then audio tutorials are still valuable, using email for the images to get the most benefit from these sessions.

The fee for these online tutorials start at £25 per session.


If a Footnotes Facilitator is known to be working in your area at a particular time, or if you live near a Facilitator, it may be possible to conduct a tutorial in person. Face-to-face on-location tutorials are also possible where, for example, a group of parents come together to enable a Footnotes Facilitator to travel to their area and offer a number of tutorials in one go. These kind of on-location tutorials can be supplemented with online support, either in between on-location tutorials, or to follow on with existing support. This enables an individual to remain connected to Footnotes support wherever they live in the world.


Footnotes can provide very important one2one support to individuals who can sometimes feel quite isolated in their learning or working experience. We see a diverse range for this: from young children being booked in for support with spelling, through to business folk dealing with large documents that need to be in by a certain deadline. Footnotes Facilitators are trained to give that flexible and specific input with the various modules available. 


Footnotes VMT tutorials for families have proved to be invaluable for all kinds of domestic situations. For example, when a parent doesn’t understand their child’s learning or behavioural needs, or where individuals want to gel better together in their family setting. The opportunity to use strategies to better manage time together around the home can also be covered in a Footnotes tutorial. Tutorials quite often start as a family session, for example so that a young person can feel included and safe to proceed, once the family has agreed as to what is going to happen. Family tutorials can lead into individual tutorials, and we are happy for a family session to be booked and then be broken down into segments of time, where individuals can privately work through some of their issues. This can obviously be helpful when, for example, a family is using the mediation grid.


Should students wish to join together to share the costs of a tutorial, then a group booking would be appropriate. A group tutorial can also be useful when a common challenge is faced by a number of people. Footnotes support can be delivered right where they need it. We regularly support students in university situations and also professionals in the business/market place, with direct conference call support available.

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