About Reach

The Footnotes Reach Project has been set up to extend aspects of the Footnotes Programme to communities in various parts of the world that are currently not able to fund or sustain the Footnotes Programme themselves.


Footnotes Reach invites organisations or individuals to offer funding and/or specialist skills support within the delivery of the Footnotes Programme. Footnotes Reach can also be commissioned by governmental and non-governmental aid organisations, supporting eligible individuals and communities worldwide.

The Footnotes Programme can be applied to many levels of community life. It offers visual and multilayered thinking input within schools, universities, community projects and the world of business. Footnotes behaviour management schemes are also delivered alongside organisations such as social care and youth offending services.

We believe that the many uses of Footnotes can so often enable solutions to be found from within a social situation. With this in place, partner organisations can then offer realistic and sustainable support to a community, providing big picture attention.


Footnotes provides an effective vehicle for self discovery and reconciliation between individuals and communities alike. It has evolved over the past nineteen years out of the creator and founder Oliver West’s personal vision of enabling individuals to further discover and be aware of their own uniqueness and promise.

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