The Reach Story

The Reach Project first began in 2003 when Oliver started taking groups of professionals and non-professionals to South Africa, to enable them to see first hand the impact of the Footnotes programme in a hard hitting, real life situation. Neither he or the team could possibly have realised at that point just how vital the first trip was, in setting a platform for the future far-reaching benefits of Footnotes amongst communities in crisis around the world.


Footnotes has been shown to be an ideal vehicle for humanitarian aid, providing, amongst other things, a unique two-way communication between communities in crisis and a whole host of professionals, including governmental and non-governmental organisations.

There are various ongoing projects running in South Africa and the Middle East, with requests from many new locations in various parts of the world as well. As the reputation of Footnotes grows, there is a need to increase the financial backing to our work, so that we can respond to more of those asking us for help.


In the meantime, there are many encouraging stories from the work that Footnotes Reach has begun in our current locations, and it is these that demonstrate the power of Footnotes at work in under-served communities. You can read about some of these in the Reach on Location page.

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