The mission statement of Global Hope Network International is ‘Bringing Help and Hope to the Hidden and the Hurting’, which partners perfectly with our Footnotes Reach ethos. GHNI chooses to reach individuals who are often outside of the normal stream of support that is offered, whether it be in a disaster relief situation, a refugee camp or a community that has all but lost hope and workable infrastructure.

Middle East gridding

GHNI has bases in different locations worldwide, with its main headquarters being in Geneva. Within the organisation, Oliver West is the Director of Learning Transformation. GHNI very much focuses on knowledge transfer and the empowerment of individuals and communities in their own cultures and environments. GHNI work sensitively in all their mission fields, to ensure that by bringing aid to one, they do not destabilise another. Therefore, it is not unusual for their focus to be the deployment of teams of individuals with the diverse set of specialised skills that are needed to get right to the heart of the matter in an area of crisis.

In the last year or so, we have seen how an example like the Middle East crisis produces challenges on so many levels, which hand-in-hand GHNI and Footnotes can respond to, to deliver effective recalibration for those most in need.

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