Reach Projects

Reach projects work well in both small and large scale situations, therefore both locally and globally. They can be initiated by a government office, an organisation or even an individual.

Coming Alongside

Here at Footnotes Reach, we currently have several projects that we are working alongside. These are local, national and international projects. Our aim is always to partner with other organisations and individuals who want help to train in these strategies, until they become proficient in utilising them for themselves and are then able to run with them effectively.


In many cases, it is about bringing Footnotes Reach into an already set up project. Whether it be supporting AIDs sufferers and orphans, helping people in a refugee camp, or any number of other educational or humanitarian support settings. We often come alongside a programme that’s already running, though this doesn’t have to be how we work every time.

Diverse Applications

Whilst education is a key area that Footnotes works in, projects do not have to be specific to this field. It’s applicable in pastoral care and behavioural change, supports medical intervention programmes, raises low aspirations, encourages entrepreneurial development and much more. Most importantly, each case is unique and so is our response. We’re also readily adaptable to any given cultural setting.

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Footnotes Reach projects work in so many ways and offer help in to so many different circumstances. If you would like support in your community, or are aware of somewhere that needs support, please make contact with us.

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