Footnotes Facilitator Training

Footnotes Facilitator Training is a modular programme for those who wish to share Footnotes’ unique strategies with other potential users, within their employment setting, community project, everyday life or even as a freelance trainer. Almost anyone can become a facilitator, and even go on become a facilitator trainer.

To find out greater detail about this training programme, including the modules on offer, please visit the Footnotes site.


Not all people who want to become a facilitator have access to the necessary funds, or are able to connect in directly with training. This is why Footnotes Reach was set up  to enable individuals to receive the training and have the opportunity to gain qualification, no matter their context.



Footnotes workshops can take as little as an hour to deliver in the first instance and in highly critical situations Footnotes has been seen to quickly bring a new perspective — and often a new found hope — for the individuals and those who are supporting them. This hope also opens a door to a whole host of further aid that is on offer, both from Footnotes Reach and our partners. The speed at which both training and impact can occur means that the Footnotes Programme can be delivered easily and very cheaply to communities of all kinds of minds and abilities, all over the world.

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