Reach Partners

Reach partners are those organisations, agencies and individuals that we work with in the field. They may bring Footnotes Reach into a project that is already running, or approach us to join them in a new initiative. They may come alongside a project that we have established, and use it to bring in their own provision. It could also be about formal endorsement of our work, to promote what we do to other potential partners, or funders. 


Reach partners can adopt the aspects of Footnotes that fit with their work, choosing the grid modules that are most relevant to them (see the full list of modules on the Footnotes Programme site). They could be a very specialised organisation that only focuses on a specific thing; because Footnotes has the ability to reach into so many areas of life, it may be a very unique response that they’re asking of us, without needing the overall support that we also offer. We want to hear from them too.

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