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We hope that, like us, you are seeing how useful and relevant the Footnotes applications are. The big question is: how can you get involved, to help extend the arm of the Reach Project to people and places that matter to you?

There are three main ways that you can do this, through Sponsorship, Volunteering or as an Ambassador.

There are also various options for giving time and skills, as well as funds, on our “GIVE” page, which you can get to by clicking the button at the top of every page.

If you’ve got more ideas for how to help, please do tell us

Thank you!


Financial sponsorship is essential for us to continue and expand the work of Reach, and we welcome donations of all sizes.


You may wish to contribute by buying and sending the ‘In Search of  Words’ book to a particular community.

Or fund online training for an individual or group anywhere in the world.

You could also help towards the costs of a trainer’s travel, so that we can do onsite input.

Or sponsor new training programmes in an area of particular concern to you.

Financial giving can be done as one-off or monthly donations, to go towards particular activities and locations, or for us to decide depending on where the need is. Visit the give page to become a sponsor.


Reach relies upon the generously shared skills and energies of volunteers, both in UK where Footnotes is based, and overseas in the different communities that we serve.


There are all sorts of ways to volunteer with Reach, these are just a few suggestions:

– Technical or administrative skill sharing in our home base

– Offering time and input to help support a project in your location, for example organising the practical aspects of a training day

– Visiting existing Reach projects as part of a ‘sending’ team (note, you may need to fund raise for your own travel and expenses)

Visit the give page for other suggestions to offer time and skills, or to sign yourself up as a volunteer.


A Reach Ambassador helps to raise awareness of Reach in potential receiving projects, organisations or governments. If you can help spread the news of Footnotes within your network, perhaps by writing a letter of recommendation or just picking up the phone, then we want to hear from you.


You may also want to help connect us with funding agencies, who can help facilitate larger scale Reach projects.

Please do get in touch to ask about becoming a Reach Ambassador, and let us know your ideas.

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