Footnotes Techniques

Footnotes is a set of techniques that have many applications, but they focus on enabling children and adults alike to think visually and to assimilate, sequence, store, and recall information in their own way. This allows breakthroughs in spelling, reading, personal management and understanding and processing memory and emotions. This accumulative set of strategies is applicable in all areas of life, and within the humanitarian aid sector it can be broadly used for education, enterprise, innovation, planning, communication, translation, reconciliation and and emotional healing.

The Grid

These techniques are underpinned by the Footnotes Grid, a tool for capturing and arranging picture-based information that is meaningful to the individual producing it.


It sounds simple, but there’s more than meets the eye: this is an opportunity to develop a completely new culture in thinking, learning and teaching. It’s a unique approach that is unlocking the potential of individuals in much needed ways. Footnotes is particularly distinct because it is transferable across all cultures, languages and social settings. It is a multi-national, multi-lingual and multi-agency strategy that brings people together, in a richer and more holistic way than many linear forms of communication and intervention presently are able to.

Visit the Programme website to find out more about the theory, applications, and training routes for Footnotes.

Get Footnotes

There are lots of ways that you, or your organisation, can engage with Footnotes for yourself. This includes publications and other products that you can find in the shop, Footnotes Facilitator Training, and through various tutorial options . There are also several different consulting and training possibilities that you can find out about in more detail on the Footnotes site.

Give Footnotes

If you, or your company, organisation or charity know of a community that would benefit from Footnotes, you may wish to purchase resources and training for them, which we can then supply directly. This could be anything from a book, to online training sessions, to even funding our on-location consulting and equipping.

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