The Challenge

For a number of reasons a large proportion of the world’s population have, or develop, a bias towards creative, multilayered and visual ways of thinking. Yet many such people find certain social systems and workplace environments unaccommodating, and are challenged by the demand placed on them to engage with the linear environment that is now found in so many parts of the world.

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Information is usually presented in a linear, lexical way on the assumption that this method of communication is universally effective. As a consequence, there are individuals and whole communities who feel marginalised because of differences in their social, cultural and educational experiences, or who are under-challenged in their learning experience.

As a chronic dyslexic learner, Oliver West developed the Footnotes techniques to give himself, and now other individuals, the freedom to think in a personalised way and to communicate when required in a linear way.

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Using these methods, visual creativity and self-confidence are allowed to flourish without the constraints of linear logic. With these strategies in place, many individuals and communities discover new and exciting breakthroughs in their own inherent abilities and onward relationships. These in turn equip each individual to tackle the many varied day-to-day challenges of life in a positive and often new and effective way.

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