Footnotes Reach

Extending the reach and power of a pen and a piece of paper to communities around the world, making hopes and dreams possible regardless of cultural, social or educational experiences.”

“There are multiple uses for many different people for different reasons. I have seen a boy who stutters use Footnotes to present in a clear articulate manner for film. I have seen young people come to realise and articulate their dreams and provide their own objectives to their own goal…I have heard amazing, truly inspiring stories of how negative behaviour, whether crime related or not can change…Footnotes is a programme that can be used by any person, and I want to encourage everyone to try using it.” — UK based Occupational Therapist “Always we saw fighting, war, explosion, especially in Middle East. Country fighting with other country, attacking, you know, bombing, killing. We always thinking about the quiet life…From when I was child I was thinking about quiet place…I do not draw normally but I try to do something…This is a very new thing for me. It’s the first time I’ve translated sentences to pictures…I translated what’s in my mind and in my heart and in my feelings to drawing…I think it’s a good, amazing thing, that makes you understand yourself better.” — Ari, Aid Worker in Kurdistan “The teachers are very excited about the feedback that the children gave you. We realise that we overlooked a lot of children that we thought were incapable of doing anything really…we really need to have a different perspective. They were putting together sentences and we’ve never had that kind of response from them before. Children that have never spoken English to me were suddenly willing to describe their pictures in English…it became a little speech…and we can build on that!” — Linda Fodor, a primary school teacher in a town in the Great Karoo

The Footnotes Reach project has been set up to extend the Footnotes Programme, and other specialist partners, to communities in various parts of the world who are currently not able to fund or sustain the Footnotes Programme themselves. To find out more about this programme, please go to our main site.

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